January 27, 2013


So this past weekend I took a trip down to M.A.C. because I was on the hunt for a lipstick that I've heard a lot of good things about recently. The lipstick I was looking for was Brick-O-La, needless to say I didn't buy it. But I did buy a few other items.

I only got three things. I bought Woodwinked eyeshadow, Amorous lipstick, and a four eyeshadow palette.

Woodwinked eyeshadow.
This is one of M.A.C's most popular eyeshadows & I'm so happy that I finally bought it because it's such a gorgeous color. The M.A.C. website describes this as a warm antique gold. I describe it as a warm bronzy shade.

Amorous lipstick.
Like I said earlier I went into M.A.C. hoping to buy Brick-O-La after reading amazing reviews from Estee (EssieButton) but after trying it on I wasn't too pleased about it. So I browsed through the rest of the lipsticks and found Amorous (satin finish), this is a deep pink/cranberry color. I'm absolutely in LOVE with this lipstick.

I also bought this four eyeshadow palette. Originally I went in hoping to buy the fifteen eyeshadow palette but they were all sold out, I would order it from their website but they are also sold out. So I settled for this. I plan on depotting my other M.A.C. eyeshadows and placing them on here as well as woodwinked. 

Swatches of Woodwinked and Amorous.

Do you have any recommendations of eyeshadows or lipsticks I should try out next time I go to M.A.C. if so let me know down below in a comment!

Thank you for reading.



  1. Woodwinked looks like such a pretty color! It has definitely been on my to-get list for a while! I've never heard of Amorous and I love their lipsticks! Will definitely have to check it out as it looks close in color to MAC's Rebel (which is my favorite).

    With spring coming up, Vegas Volt and Impassioned are definitely worth checking out as well!

    1. I've never heard of it either, i'm so glad I found it though!! oooo I'll definitely have to check them out next time i go to mac!!

  2. the lipstick looks gorgeous! and definitely fits with the season :)

    Steph // giveaway!! fun size beauty

  3. That lipstick looks so beautiful! My top MAC recommendations are Rebel lipstick, Sable Eyeshadow, and Melba blush.

    1. I've tried to purchase rebel before but didn't buy it bc i don't think it suits me at all, its such a pretty color though...

  4. That lipstick is such a lovely dark pink!

    Sara x

  5. Love the color of the lipstick.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org

  6. oh wow, that lipstick is TO DIE FOR. i love cranberry colors. good choice!! next time i go to mac im going to probably pick up the "sunny seoul" lipstick...its sort of summery but it is the most gorgeous warm pink!


    1. I'll definitely have to check it out next time i go to mac.

  7. Omg I LOVE the lipstick it is perfect color! :D
    My blog: www.makeupandotherr.com